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All classes are 60 minutes or less.

Yoga Class

Private Yoga class $50
Private 4 class pass $150
Private Prenatal class $40
Private couples class $80
Private Couples 4 class pass $160

with the purchase of a 4 class pass you will receive one free class

Massage Rates

Reflexology, Foot massage 30 min for $40 

Relaxing massage 60 min for $70.  90 min $100

Thai massage 60 min for $70.  90 min $100

Therapeutic massage 60 min for $80.  90 min $110

Therapeutic touch 60 min for $80.   90 min  $110

Reiki massage 60 min for $100 

Holistic Healing, And Workshop Rates

Balancing your neurological system for stress and anxiety. 45 minutes. $50

Reiki session 60 minutes. $75

Removing trauma from the bodies cellular memory, also know as the Abuse hold. $120

Couples workshop for removing the judgments that build up about each other over time. And repairing or restoring communication with each other. 45 minutes for $80

Life Coaching sessions. Assisting you trough positive support.  
 30min. $75 
 60min. $150
 2 60 min sessions twice a month $200
 3 60 min sessions three times a month $250

All payments andtransactions are non refundable.

The concept of Amitawellnessconsult
By promoting individuals and group wellness. With a conscience infusing; healing the mind the body and soul. 
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