Amita was born in California. At the young age of five she moved to South America Suriname with her parents. Her mother taught her to meditate and to do Yoga when she was a little girl. Living abroad where natural healing was very prominent, she also learned a lot about organic medicines and natural healing, and hands on energy work. At a young age she had a natural gift to perceive energy, and had a healing touch that would bring people ease and comfort by a simple touch. As she grow older she learned how manipulate her energy better and to use it when appropriate. Although later in life she had studied natural healing and the uses of energy, and received certification for the various types of natural healing, most of here awareness comes naturally to her, her ability to connect with others has always been a one of her great gifts.

Later in life she moved back to the states, and through her journey of recovering from some personal trauma in her life, She was reintroduced to her natural gift of healing. Her love for natural healing, lead her to search for more. She has studied natural healing and has trained for years with the founder of access energy transformation, Garry Douglas, where she has received her CFMW certification for hands on energetic healing, as well as distant healing, and verbal process to facilitate in clearing issues in ones life or destructive patterns.

Knowing the difference in types of energy based on the intensity, and direction of energy and its uses is what keeps Amita motivated to learn more because each hand's on healing session activate and stimulates different energetic frequencies, Amita has learned the importance of knowing how to use them.


Certified Thai Yoga Massage 2015. 

Certified Tantra practitioner 2013. 

Reflexology apprenticeship 2011. 

Certified Reiki Master 2010. 

Certified Life Coach 2009

Certified 200 Yoga teacher 2009. Prenatal Yoga 2010.

Certified Bars, Energetic Bodywork 2003. 

Massage training 2001.

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